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July 23, 2009


We share many memories of the late 1950s in Ponca, it seems. When I was 4, I went to Vacation Bible School at Sunset Baptist Church with a neighbor lady. I knew everyone on the block because that's how it was then. Anyway, she gave me a horny toad from Sunset Park to keep for a while. I don't know how long the poor thing survived my care, but I loved him and petted him and named him George.

We also had a swamp cooler on our front porch. I can still remember the smell from that moldy old thing, and how "cool" we felt with it.

I have vivid memories of afternoons spent in the neighbors' back yards drinking gallons of sweet tea and splitting watermelons among the families, moms visiting while the kids all played together.

I still have fireflies in my neighborhood here, which I understand is becoming a rarity in many areas of the country. Makes me happy to see them every evening.
--Beverly Bryant

Hugh, your articles are great . I happen to run across it by accident. I am a Ponca City native now a Calif Tender (smile)
I am a Po Hi Graduate class of 1961. I am very fond of Ponca City and very defensive if I hear anyone put Oklahoma down especially Ponca City. I am proud that some of Pres Obama heritage through his grand parents and mother was through Ponca City . I knew we Ponca Citians were special (smile) as I have always told everyone. There are quite a few native Poncans living in Calif that I know and some of them are friends from childhood. My cousin is Joe Carter the baseball player from Okla City there is a street named after him by the ball park in Bricktown. Leona Mitchell the Opera singer from Enid Okla she and family are friends of ours. I had article in the Ponca City News last Sept about how there are less businesses in Ponca than when I was a child growing up as well as a write up about Bill Pickett. I spoke with your mother today in reference to your website. It is awesome keep it up.
I ran into a classmate out hear by wearing a T-Shirt with I Love Ponca City on it and they were from Ponca.
Ponca was just listed as one of the best 100 cities to live in a few weeks ago and to me it is just that. It does need more senior black men in the sixty,seventy and eighty age range there are only about five and they are out numbered by the widow women. No Men(smile).
I just left Ponca two weeks ago on vacation and I love it. We need a "All You Can Eat " Restaurant and I am ready to start one if I find some good partners.

Thelma Nadine Thomas

Ponca City was a great place to grow up in the late 40s/50s/60s, Bogen pool was the place to cool off in the summer along with Wentz Pool and maybe sneak into the country club pool.

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