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February 28, 2007


I’m interested in knowing, discussing, with people living in and around Ponca City and Kay County of Oklahoma this important and yet answerable question. I’m asking also World Wide Web Internet audience this strange yet true question. In 1980 while I was visiting Kay County. I experienced an encountered involving Unidentified Aerial Phenomena! With friends, and other people there I never got to know then or still today. I’m asking knowing they could never forget this day if things really, truly happened to them in 1980 like I believe and know. A screening question is what’s being asked.
Would they please try to remember where, when and what they’re doing during this historical day in question?
Specifically an awareness they had back then in Kay County of Oklahoma or the audiences listening to broadcasts over the radio waves that May Day; “end of the world day” speech. May of 1980 something larger than life was going on in life, and it’s effects are still truly happening to me now, but not more than family matters I seek to recover, because it paralleled in May 19th, 1980 and days before St. Helens the volcano had put on a enormous display with its peak eruptions ongoing in State of Washington changing landscape imagery for miles and miles around that location!
Remembering, back when I was trekking around State borders, 1980 along side roadways. Visiting friends I am at their home just east of Tonkawa city limits, and near Salt fork river area. My journey back home intercession was after researching another story line make inquiries, like now, only then during those times my friend’s brother is giving me a car ride directly to his brother location, he’s also wanting too visit him. I’m coming from Ponca City again going home to Norman after exploring yet another project. Which was on going knowledge going even farther back into history; and wondering why it’s always been masked since 1972 and beyond?
Transitional days back then are the unspoken evidences I have discovered and are revelations that needs to be known to by all today’s Ponca Indians whether Northern or Southern tribes, because both are called into question about this issue, and this new/old issue needs to be resolved! I will explain how past exploited truths are reasons why Poncas lives need to be continued and with our historical needs forming together today’s Ponca children better reality which has all goodness to greatness that PanIndianism has to offer and its value is to be coming back to them selves, as retributions are now called into question as to answer those needed changes into a new order again (needs) negotiated like Chief Standing Bear trial decision brought new laws of the land, into PanIndianism reality today.
Chief Ponca, Standing Bear lived life greatly making inspired History in courts rooms and new laws of the land, human beings, new future hopes with this experience and ability.
In 1980 with my belief in PanIndianism I, individual personal power and with reincarnation ability, I brought down from above, and outer space an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UFO) encounter of the third kind!
I had experience this event with friends then and there and those peoples within surrounding countryside fields which were occupied by cars parked conveniently around and experiencing what was being said on the live radio broadcast and seeing U.S. Air Force Jets fly around the same place where I and friends were located, everyone hearing all about the end of the world that was now happening back then and everyone within listening distance should go to their own choice of churches and pray for own soul’s to be given up to Jesus Christ, their lord because the end of the world was happening now!. That was recorded evidence I noted in 2000 and researched by University of Oklahoma film department, and student from film office of Mr. Andrew Horton administrator who was contacted by me, Alvin Warrior as into filming this experience and producing video evidence from interviews I gave both to ancestor’s above and for rights to my story being published down here on Earth..

Thank you, Alvin Ray Warrior

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