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March 30, 2009



Is there truly no new information regarding this matter?

Tim DeGraw

Oh there is. But the Peace Corps isn't going to publish it because it will show that their country administrator for Benin ignored Kate's plea in her letter to keep her identity a secret and instead, not only discussed the matter using Kate's name, but did so with a member of her office who was THE BROTHER of her killer. Kate even knew this man worked in the office, and explicitly mentions in her letter the need for discretion because of the potential for retribution against her. Surprise, surprise, she's found lying in a pool of her own blood, throat slit ear-to-ear less than a week later. DO NOT expect the Peace Corps to watch your back, their sole interest is the public perception of the Corps and they will stop at nothing to ensure that their reputation remains untarnished, even if sometimes they have to let an idealistic 24-year-old be murdered in cold blood and then cover it up. JFK wouldv'e been so ashamed if he could see what kind of Frankenstein his creation had become. Shame on you Peace Corps.

[if you can read this, you're lucky, they WILL delete this post as soon as they see it, for reasons clearly stated above]

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